T.O.A.S.T (Terminal Operations Automated SysTem)

  • Built on a generic IT platform (Microsoft .Net framework) and complete web based architecture => Abundant resources available in market.
  • Runs on Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE) and complete TAS can be accessed from any PC/ Chromebook/ Mobile without installing HMI software. => TOAST is Cloud Ready.
  • Client-Server model, and hence no need to update / upgrade client => Scalable vertically and horizontally.
  • Server Side is Web API based. If required, customers can share Raw/ Processed data with remote server/ device after proper authentication => No OEM / Protocol Dependence even for Process Data.
  • HTML based User Interface => Skin can be changed without disturbing the logics.
  • Proper use of Relational Database => Data will be always consistent and change in masters reflects at all levels.
  • Runs on Any device as client. Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Andriod, iPhone, Chromebook.
  • Being Cloud / Web based, it provides

    1. Real time and centralized visibility. Real time / dynamic data for decision support

    2. Visibility of Field Operations across the Organization
  • Supported Device Protocols : Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OPC (Others on Demand). But can share device data on Web API to any third party devices / systems.
  • Batch Controllers Supported: GE-SmartLoad / Honeywell-Contrec. Multiple batch controllers of different makes can be connected on same loop. No need to customize the driver or change the code. Simply select your make, Model and firmware version in Batch controller Masters.
  • No need to redevelop SCADA for each location. Only prepare the configuration and much of the graphics are automatically generated based on configuration. Can also accept location/ condition based deviation as per user requirement.

Pocket HMI

  • ICON has developed in house application for viewing and controlling your plant data on mobile phones.
  • The HMI, data, reports and trends etc are available live on the phone.
  • The alarm and events (configurable) can be received in the form of notifications on the mobile phone.
  • No Additional Hardware / software will be required.