We are the leading solution providers for automation of Captive power stations and Cogen power plants. We have done controls and monitoring that include complicated combustion controls using multi fuels and synchronization with grid.


  • Automation and CPPs from 4 to 110MW
  • Boiler Level & Furnance
  • Feed water and Cooling Water
  • Turbine Controls
  • DM Water Plant
  • Water and Emission Monitoring

Oil and Gas

With the background of promoter having worked with the ONGC, the leading oil producer in India, we have done several projects for them. The complicated controls for GCP at Lakwa was much appreciated. The GGS and water injection automation at Wasna and GCS at Kalol, South Santhal and Sanand were additional acomplishments that established us as one of the most capable turnkey contractors.


  • Gas Gathering & Pumping Stations
  • Water Injection Systems
  • Heater Treators
  • Office Automation
  • Metering Skids


We have extensive experience in providing solutions in the Steel Industry. Some of the applications include:-


  • Coke Oven Battery
  • Annealing Furnance Automation
  • Pit Automation
  • Continous Caster
  • Coke Oven By Product Plant
  • Alumina Refinery


With the background of having worked with Ballarpur industries Limited (Bilt), a leading paper producer in India; we are established as one of the main solution providers to automate pulp mill, paper machine area etc. Our rich experience includes all the units of Ballarpur Industries apart from other prestigious paper producing industries. We have also provided very large automation solutions for APR limited.


  • Stock Preparation
  • Short Circulation
  • Starch Preparation
  • Chemical Additive
  • Pulp Mill
  • Paper Machine
  • Chlorine Di-oxide Plant
  • Loop De-Linking


We have extensive experience in automation of fibre plants. Some of the applications include:-


  • Dissolution, Extursion, & Purification
  • Poly Condensation and Weather Conditioning
  • Acrylic Fiber
  • Filament Yarn
  • Precipated Silica


Under the Chemical / PetroChemical Industries, ICON has done various jobs for SRF, GAIL, IOCL etc.


  • Speciality Chemicals


ICON has done number of job in Hydro Plant specially. Following are the areas:-


Few of the project references are:-

  • KarchamWangtoo 4x250 MW
  • Sorang 2x50 MW
  • Asiganga 2x2.25 MW
  • Kadana

and many more…


We have completed installations in sugar industries that include complex controls of continuous PAN automation. Some of the applications include:-


  • Auto Cane Feed
  • Milling Over Load and Chute Flapper Control
  • Imbibition and Differential Pressure
  • Automation of PAN Feed
  • Boiler Automation
  • Auto Lime Dosing

Refinery and Petrochem

We are one of the best leading and established refineries E&I contractors in India. The success of our jobs with IOCL, HPCL, HMEL, BPCL, EIL etc have established our name as a leader in this industry. Some of our prestigious projects include our Instrumenation & Electrical works at HMEL SRU, offsites and PPU. Revamping jobs for FCCU, PRU & Greenfield Gas processing utilties are some of our prestigiuos jobs.


  • Dispatch Terminals
  • DHS Plant
  • Pumping & Delivery Station
  • TankFarm Automation
  • Coke Cutting
  • HGU and SRU
  • CDSP
  • Heavy Oil Recovery

Water and Waste Plant

In Water Treatment and distribution, ICON has done numerous jobs like


  • 2 00 MLD WTP; Delhi Jal Board
  • 5.63 MLD WTP; PHED Bihar

Cement Plant

One of the critical areas of operation in Cement making is grinding and packing unit in the final stages. Captive power is also prime requirement for many of the cement units as they need huge power. Some of the applications of our automation include:-


  • Blending & Grinding
  • Burning and Kiln Unit
  • Mixing and Storage Unit
  • Packing Unit
  • Asbestos Cement / Sheeting Unit

Allied Process Plants

Apart from key specialization in specific industries, we have implemented automation for critical controls for miscellaneous industries that do not fall under any specializations.